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Meghan covers the May issue of Cosmopolitan & talks about her relationship with Daryl Sabara!

On her first date with boyfriend, actor Daryl Sabara: We went on a double date — bowling and karaoke. He kissed me at the bowling alley. I told my security to step outside ‘cause I didn’t want to be watched. LOL. He was the best kisser ever. I know I’m really good at kissing, but I was shocked when he was.

On feeling sexy: I never really felt sexy with guys before. No one expressed how they liked my body out loud in the bedroom until I met Daryl. He is obsessed with it — every inch. And that has improved my confidence more than even “Bass” did. He’s a champion, so we’re in heaven.

On being a young artist:
The benefit of being young is having time to learn and to fix things. We take notes after everything: pros and cons about things, what we will do differently next time, how did Beyoncé do it? That’s the question we always ask ourselves. [She’s] our god. I always say, “What would Beyoncé do?”

On how her next album will include songs about Sabara: I wrote six songs on the road about him in front of his face. One is called “Marry Me.”

Styling by fashion director Aya Kanai.

For more of Meghan Trainor’s exclusive interview and photo shoot with Cosmopolitan, pick up the May 2017 issue on newsstands April 6 or click here to subscribe to the digital edition!


001 Cosmopolitan (May 2017)

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Meghan featured in the latest issue of Notion Magazine!


On “All About That Bass”: “That first thing I ever did was the music video for [‘All About That] Bass’ and I had no management, I had no glam team, I was terrified – I just remember eight hands were all over me shoving me into these outfits and they were like ‘GO!’ And I was just faking it! A lot of my first year was fake it till you make it. I had no idea what was doing.”

On her breakthrough album and changing direction on “Thank You”: “I kept writing doo-wop thinking that was right and the label turned around and said, ‘You’re doing what everyone expects you to do. Why don’t you be the songwriter you say you are and shake it up?’ So I said ‘Make me a beat that Meghan Trainor wouldn’t do’, and we wrote ‘No’ in a couple of hours. Once they heard it, the label freaked out; everyone freaked out. It was like ‘THAT’S what we’re talking about!’ They wanted the song that every other artist wished they had and I was like… ‘Got it!’”

On experimenting with rap on tracks such as ‘No’: “We tried to put more urban into it – and I tried to rap more. I mean I did NOT expect to rap! I was writing songs and one day I thought ‘You know what? I’m just gonna rap on this one’ as a joke, so I tried it and was like, ‘hang on… I can rap! I’m good at this! I have rhythm!’”

On the backlash she faced for the use of “skinny bitch” in her song “All About That Bass” and criticism to conforming to gender stereotypes: “I wanted to make something fun and upbeat that would maybe really help people. I still get asked ‘Was it your intention to bash skinny people?’ NO! Absolutely not. I just wrote a fun song to help ME out with my insecurities – and the world loved it – that’s all I have.”

Source: Just Jared

008 Notion Magazine

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Various photoshoots have been added to the gallery!

004 Thank You Album Promotional Photoshoot

005 Skechers Campaign

006 Portrait Session in New York to promote single, NO

007 Kiis FM’s Wango Tango Backstage Portraits

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Meghan covers the May issue of Seventeen Magazine!

Hey Megatronz! Meghan is on the cover of the May 2016 issue of Seventeen Magazine! I’ve added the cover and a shot from the photoshoot the photoshoots section and scans to the scans section! Enjoy!
003 Seventeen Magazine – May 2016

Seventeen – May 2016

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Meghan is on the cover of this month’s Fabulous Magazine!

Photoshoot for YOU Magazine!

003 YOU Magazine

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